Comic Review: Snowpiercer Volume 2

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I was genuinely surprised by the ending to the first volume of Snowpiercer.  What seemed like a fairly typical post-apocalyptic tale wound up on a note that I didn’t see coming at all.  So when the second volume of the comic was recently released by Titan Books, I scooped it up so I could find out what happened next.

Unfortunately, the second volume doesn’t continue the same storyline.  Instead, Volume 2 picks up with a different hero on Snowpiercer 2, a completely different train.   Wait, what?  You’re saying there are two never-stopping, socially stratified trains that harbor the last remnants of humanity to keep them from dying in the harsh arctic environment?  What’re the chances?
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’300: Rise of an Empire – The Art of the Film’ Review

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Whether you like it or not, Zack Snyder’s 300 is a film that’s pretty hard to forget.  Between it’s innovative use of green screen, it’s multi-speed camerawork, and it’s washed out color palette, it’s instantly recognizable and influential even 8 years after its 2006 debut.  But for anyone who has seen the film – or knows their history book – they might have been surprised when a sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire, was announced for 2014.

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Comic Review: Battle Classics

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Battle Classics

As an American, I can’t say that I was familiar with Battle, Battle Picture Weekly, Battle Action Force, or any of the dozen of variations on the title of the long-running British war comic book until Titan Books came a’calling and asked if I wanted to review Battle Classics, a new collected edition of select stories from the series’ run.  But now that I’ve given the book a chance, I wouldn’t mind digging a little deeper into the Battle canon to see what other treasures I might find.

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Comic Review: Snowpiercer Vol. 1

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If you’re a film fan like me, you’ve probably heard about the brouhaha stirring over director Bong Joon-ho’s sci-fi thriller, Snowpiercer, based on the French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige.  If you’re not familiar, the acclaimed South Korean filmmaker’s latest movie was purchased for distribution in the U.S. by the Weinstein Company who, as is often their custom with foreign films, is cutting about 20 minutes (!) of footage and requiring voice-over narration in order to, in their minds, better suit an American audience.  In other words, we’re too dumb to appreciate the film like the rest of the world.  Naturally when there’s this kind of buzz about a film, it makes me curious to check out what all the fuss is about.  So I was very happy to hear that Titan Books is releasing all three parts of Le Transperceneige under the more tie-in friendly title, Snowpiercer, over the course of 2014, with the first volume available as of January 28.

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When You Hear This Sound #11 – The Great Mouse Detective

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When You Hear This Sound

Come along as we follow a daring, deerstalker-capped, pipe-smoking, violin-playing, magnifying glass-enthusiast solving mysteries in the dark alleys of Victorian London. Sherlock who? I’m talking about Basil of Baker Street, the Great Mouse Detective!

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