Book Review: The Art of Elysium

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951023 - Elysium


I really can’t get enough of concept art.  I love to see the visual creative process put down on paper (literally or figuratively) in order to witness the evolution of an idea.  It’s great to see the drastic changes in character appearances over time, but I even like to see how the little things were developed, like logos for fictional products.  With that in mind, flipping through The Art of Elysium from Titan Books is like a concept art fan’s dream come true.

While he’s only directed two feature films, there’s no question that Neill Blomkamp has a certain aesthetic that he prefers.  That gritty, makeshift look was first seen in the “prawn” camps of District 9, and it carries over to his latest film, Elysium, for scenes that take place on the ruined surface of the Earth.  However, the design changes drastically on the eponymous orbital paradise, filled with the clean, smooth, surfaces that only 1960’s futurists could have envisioned.  In order to create such contrast, Blomkamp brought on two impressive minds in production design – Art Director Phil Ivey, who previously worked on District 9 and The Lord of the Rings trilogy for WETA Workshop, as well as legendary concept artist Syd Mead, who brought us the worlds of Blade Runner and TRON.

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Belated Media Fixes All the Problems with ‘Star Wars Episode II’

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We all complain about the Star Wars prequels. While we all hate on Episodes I, II, and III on differing levels, practically no one offers a constructive plan to fix George Lucas’ mess. YouTuber Michael is our only hope.

Michael a.k.a. Belated Media previously revealed his plan to reconstruct Episode I to make it an enjoyable story. That video earned him over 1.4 million views and hearty praise from even the strictest haters. Now he’s back with a revised Episode II outline.

In the first video Michael concisely and accurately assesses the prequels’ major flaws. “George made the misstep of thinking familiarity meant characters,” he begins. “It also helps to have a main character. Episode I was very muddled in that regard. You aren’t really sure who to point to.” That pretty much nails it.
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‘Adventure Time’ Intro Done Entirely in LEGO

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Everything is better with LEGO. Even the awesomely awesome Cartoon Network series Adventure Time can be made better when animated with those interlocking blocks.

This video got me thinking that there should be some official Lego sets from the Land of Ooo. Turns out there already is a Cuusoo project with over 6,100 supporters. The fan-designed set needs 10,000 fans before it gets official review from the Lego Cuusoo team.

Cartoon Network is airing new episodes of Adventure Time, now in its fifth season, on Monday nights. Production has already begun on episodes for a sixth season. Here’s hoping the LEGO opening gets used for a future episode.

Let’s Talk About Season 1 of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since Nickelodeon’s TMNT show debuted. As of a few days ago, the first season is over with a finale that included Roseanne as Kraang Prime and a pretty awesome Technodrome.

I’ve been loving the show, the new toys, the new merchandise, and pretty much everything in between. But I want to know what you all thought of the first season on the new show. We’re going to be recording a podcast about this very topic and I thought it would be cool to incorporate your opinions into the discussion.

Personally, I love what they’ve done with the new Turtles, and I’m really looking forward to more seasons. Season 2 sounds pretty exciting, with Casey Jones and Slash joining as recurring characters. I’m sure Nickelodeon has plenty more up their sleeves too.

So, let’s get a discussion going. What’d you like/dislike about this season?

‘Fraggle Rock’ Shirts Now Available on Threadless

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Fraggle Rock

Hey there, it’s been a while! For some reason my vacation from this site ended up being a week longer than my vacation from work/real life, but oh well. I’m back and there’s a ton to blog about. First up is yet another attempt by Threadless to steal all my monies, the new Fraggle Rock Collection.

There’s only three designs to pick from, but they’re all pretty great. 30 Fraggle Faces is pretty self-explanatory and looks decent. Don’t be a Party Boober! is probably my favorite, because Boober. The Doozer Contstruction Co. shirt is pretty nice, too. Regardless, Fraggle Rock shirts on Threadless!. I hope the Henson company has some more cool tricks up their sleeves to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Fraggle Rock.

Will you be picking any of these shirts up? Did I miss anything while I was gone?