New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Trailer Shows Off Star Lord’s ALF Collection

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Have you seen the awesome new trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? If not, take a moment and watch it below. Wasn’t that great? We know that Star Lord (Chris Pratt) is a half-human/half-alien who was taken from Earth in the early 80s. It looks like his nostalgia for Earth and the 80s in general will extend further than the Walkman he carries around in the film. Check out this still from the trailer. ALF trading cards and puffy stickers? A Troll Doll? Scratch-and-Sniff stickers? Awesome.

If Star Lord had been taken from Earth in the early 90s instead, there would totally be a He’s back, in POG form! joke in there somewhere.
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Here’s Ben Affleck as Batman (and the new Batmobile)

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After teasing us with a shot of the Batmobile yesterday, Superman vs. Batman director Zack Snyder has just unveiled a black and white shot of Ben Affleck as Batman, standing next to the Batmobile. It’s hard to see all the detail in this monotone shot (even after I adjusted the brightness/contrast), but I love the direction they’re going.

The short ears are awesome, I was actually worried they were going to go with really long ears that would have looked strange. I love these. Also, Batman is huge. I love how thick he looks. I always felt that (even though he was buff) Christian Bale looked tiny in his batsuit.

I totally dig the big Dark Knight Returns bat-symbol, and I love the 90s utility belt filled with pouches. The big thing I’m waiting to see is the color(s) of the suit. I’m really hoping for some gray and not just all-black, but we’ll see.

What do you guys think?

Missing Links: Power Rangers Movie, Muppets, McDonald’s

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Missing Links

Nick Stoller Says the Muppet People Are Working on a New TV Show
It kills me that Muppets Most Wanted tanked at the box office. I loved it, but I think it just didn’t stand a chance going up against Divergent or whatever it’s called. I hope Stoller is right about Disney working on a new TV show, I’d hate for Disney to abandon the Muppets.

‘Power Rangers’ Getting a Reboot Feature Film by Lionsgate
This doesn’t surprise me, and actually it’s not the most far-fetched thing to reboot. It’s basically superheroes, giant robots, and Kaiju. If they leave out the goofier aspects (or embrace them) from the show, it could make a decent movie.

Charlton Heston being photographed by an ape on the set of Planet of the Apes
Great photo.

This guy collected 75,000 McDonald’s items over 50 years
I can’t imagine having the dedication to collect only one thing, let alone the money, time, and space it would take to have as large of a collection as this guy. His house looks like a McDonald’s museum. Crazy.

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Baxter Stockman Fly Version Figure
I’m not sure what to think about this. In face, I’m almost losing the will to keep up with the Nick figures. There are some cool ones out that I don’t have, it’s just time and money consuming to hunt them all down, and I’ve got too much junk as it is. What do you guys think about the new Baxter Stockman?

The Unmazing Spider-Meh

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Man, it kills me to write this review. I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man, and I’d been following all the sequel news for a long time and was excited to see them flesh out the world more and add new villains. I had heard some people didn’t like this one, but I figured I would like it at least as much as the first movie. Ugh. I hated The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Honestly, this film didn’t even feel like it was part of the same universe as the first one. The writing and tone is what killed it for me. After the prologue at the beginning, things pick up with Spidey swinging around New York chasing after a criminal. The level of camp, slapstick, and cheesy dialogue in this sequence made me cringe and get that embarrassed feeling for the filmmakers. I turned to my wife (who also really liked TASM) and mouthed I’m sorry. Spider-Man pantsing Paul Giamatti sealed the deal. This was not the Spider-man I was ready to see.

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Here’s the ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Cast

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Star Wars VII Cast

After months and months (and months) of speculation, some really for real news has finally come out about Star Wars Episode VII: Take All My Money (working title). Lucasfilm/Disney just announced the cast, and it’s looking pretty great. First off, let me get this out of my system:


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